Martin Jaroch - Zahnarzt


Dr. Jaroch achieves expertise in the field of complex anti-aging dentistry through two postgraduate degrees: 

Master of Science in Orthodontics

Master of Science in Periodontology and Implant Therapy

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What‘s Anti-Aging-Dentistry?

With each passing year, misalignments increase, the necks of teeth become more exposed, and aesthetically unfavorable gaps appear between teeth, making patients look older overall. Anti-aging refers to measures aimed at maintaining a high quality of life in old age for as long as possible and delaying the biological aging process to extend the lifespan of the teeth.

What does anti-aging dentistry include?

- Teeth with gum inflammation

- Teeth with gum recession

- Teeth with dead nerves

- Teeth that are broken

- Teeth with bone loss

- Teeth that have shifted

- Teeth that are rotated

- Teeth with just one hole

- Gaps from tooth loss

Special Anti-Aging Program in Pediatric Orthodontics!

Children must be treated with a special focus on maintaining gum health during orthodontic treatment. Why? Because current studies clearly show that the spectrum of oral bacteria changes negatively during orthodontic treatments! This MUST be regularly monitored - it's not possible without a periodontal background.

Why do I work this way?

From my point of view, a lack of specialization in dentistry is like the following quote by Abraham Maslow:

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!"

This makes no sense either for the dentist or the patient! The fundamental requirement is an enormous amount of further education and a good overview of the oral cavity!

Practice size, throughput systems, and extreme external presentation are not criteria for quality for me!

Are you looking for a specialized dentist for your long-term dental health? Then I can try everything to help you too!

For adults, I offer:

- Periodontology/Periodontal Surgery

- Implantology

- Dental Prosthetics/Veneers

- Invisible braces (Invisalign)

- Fixed ceramic braces

- Tooth-colored fillings

- State-of-the-art root canal treatments

- Power teeth whitening in 1 hour

- Professional dental cleaning

For children, I offer:

- State-of-the-art braces and short treatment times

- Invisible braces (Invisalign Teen)

- Cavity treatments with various materials (including without drilling)

- Child prophylaxis

Payment options:

- Cash payment

- Card payment

- Invoice payment (processed through a billing center)

Accepted insurances:

- Private health insurances

- Public health insurances

- Self-payers from Switzerland

- International self-payers

Additional languages:

- English

- French

- Polish